Is plastic surgery okay?

I think plastic surgery is okay when you've been in a car crash, fire or something like that. Otherwise, I don't understand why people do it. Because often, the people who is doing plastic surgeries look good from the beginning and I think it's only themselves who thinks they have a big nose or are too fat. I think it's sad that people can't be pleased with themselves and like their looks. And I don't think you'll be happier even though you have a smaller nose. Because when your nose is small, I think that you will think that your lips are too small and when you have bigger lips, you want bigger boobs as well, and all this is very unnecessary, because you will never be perfect. You can always fins something you don't like on your body. It's a problem that people think they must be perfect and it's also a problem if you think that you will be pleased with everything in your life only if you look good. As I said, I think it's okay if you've been in an accident or were born with a deformity. Otherwise, it's very unnecessary to do research in or to waist a physician's time on this.


Blogging about plastic surgery

I was thinking about plastic surgery, and if it's good or not. I thought that it was okay to do plastic surgery if you have been in something like a car accident, or in a fire, and your face has got “messed up” because of that, other wise not. But when I watched TV some days ago a saw a guy, I won't mention names of obvious reasons, who had a really strange mouth. His underbite was so big that it sounded strange when he talked, and, I hate to say this but, he looked kind of ugly because of this huge underbite. Then I thought, isn't it okay if he does plastic surgery to? I think if you have some kind of deformation, then it's okay to do plastic surgery. The problem is, what should be counted as a deformation? Is a strange nose, or small boobs a deformation? I don't think so. But this guys mouth isn't just strange, it also makes it harder for him to talk. According to me, if something makes it harder for you to do something, then you can call it a deformation, and then I think it's okay if you do plastic surgery.


I don't think it's good to do plastic surgery, if you look perfectly normal. If you do to many operations, you actually starts to look ugly. You don't even have to do many to look ugly, sometimes you look ugly, and really fake, after the first surgery. I also think that if you do a plastic surgery, you may get addicted to it, and just do more and more. If you do a plastic surgery, it can also change your appearance totally, and people you haven't met for a long while may not recognize you.

Michael Jackson's appearance is very changed after several operations.


I once saw a documentary about people who did boob jobs, BIG boob jobs. The guy that did the documentary found out that mostly it was their boyfriend that had told the girl that had done the operation, that he liked big breasts, and in that way, indirectly he had told her to get bigger boobs. It's not always your own decision, sometimes it's people around that makes you wanna do a boob job, or any other plastic surgery, not yourself, even though you think so.


Sheyla Hershey, the biggest boobs in the world. Do I have to tell you they're fake?

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