My life when I am 30

My name is Kajsa Petronella Bjäräng and I am 30 years old. I live together with my family in a big house near by the city Gothenburg in sweden. I work in Telia store in city and i really love my job. I am trying to get people to buy telephones, and I am kind of the best buissnes woman in the woooooorrllld. Hehehe. Btw, I have one little boy named Conrad. He is now 3 years old and as you can se I am highly prigned and waiting a little baby, I hope it is a girl.


I live in the house I have been dreaming about my whole life. We have a huge garden where the chilrdren can play. I love to be home alone and create music. Sometimes i take tha train into the city and play with my friends at the street. I lissten to all kinds of music. But most old classic music <3 My husband works as a doctor so we have a lot of money. KINDAA AWESUMEE BRAH! That was a little bit of my life right now. Seya later bitches!

when i am 30

When I am 30 years old, I live in a big apartment in New York. I living with my husband his´s name is Sam, and my dog is a chiuaua her namne is Chanel. Maybe me and my husband want to have children but just one child, but I am not sure. I have a summer house in Sweden, in Långasand. (where I come from) my child can speak English and Swedish. I teach my husbadn too. I am going to marry him in New york.


My husband is a big actor he is very famous. I work with my shoes and handbags collection, and I blog. When i was 22 years old I was with '' Big Brother'' in Sweden i was in '' Pradise Hotel'' to. So when was 25 I moved to New york and started a new life and met my husband.


I have 4 cars 2 big cars and 2 Porches, black and pink, the pink car is mine. I listen to hip hop and R&B, my interests are to be with firends and work on my collection and be with my husband, and go to spa.and be with my child. I tink I will be very happy.



My life when I em 30

When I em 30 I going to live in a house in Strömstad. Strömstad is near the brother to Norway and Strömstad is a dock town. I live in a house with 4 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 big basement, 3 toilets and sun power drainer on my roof. In my seller I have 2 icebox wit lots of fish and and seafood that I have catch my self. I have a hobby room. The hobby room lays in the basement. In the hobby room I have a pool table, a ping pong table and air-hockey table. I have a big sailing boat there I fish or do my job as a marine biologist. I have another job as a pizza maker in the towns best pizza restaurant. I have sum another hobbys for example soccer ball and floor ball. I don´t listen to any special music but when I driving my boat I turn on the radio and listen to rix FN.

The meaning of life (extended version)

What is the meaning of life? A question that has been very discussed through all time, with no real answer, but I'll try to give you my answer. The meaning of life is, completely biologically seen, to survive. All animals struggles to survive. They eat so they get energy, sleep to save energy, get children so their genes live on and defends their self against attacking animals. The meaning of life is perhaps just that, to survive. Maybe it's that simple, the meaning of life is to survive. Then, the question should rather be, what is the point of surviving?


What's the point of surviving more than just that, to survive? Why do we make any effort at all to survive the day? What is it that makes the next day worth living for? Isn't it just a day, just like this, where we again will struggle to survive until the next day? Why do we not just lie down and let our self die? Refusing to eat, refusing life. What is it that drives us? I think it is fear. The fear of the unknown is deep within us all, and the most unknown thing that exists is death. The fear of dying, is what drives us to continue being alive. We don't know what will happen when we die, the only thing we know is that we won't be alive anymore. Nothing else can we know, we can only speculate. Some people believe strongly that they know what will happen when they die, but that is the thing, believe. They believe, they can't know. Therefore, we choose, every day, to continue living, because we fear what would happen if we wouldn't be alive. It is safer to continue being alive, because then we know at least that the next day, just like yesterday, will be a struggle for our survival.

The Meaning of life

The meaning of life, it is to be happy as long as you can. We need to take our day like the last day you live. You have to be happy and feel that you are glad because you have a life, like everybody in this world. You have a good life and just enjoy every second when it past. Try to take your chances and take your step by step., but don't forget to be happy for every second. Everybody has a dream and the dream is what you want to do with the rest of your life, so...follow your heart and don't think to much, it is to hard sometimes.

the mening of life

The mening of life is be happy and feel that you do something good. I most love to be with people you love and they like you. You have to feel that thing you do, it is a good thing.

My life when I'm 30

When I am thirty, I think the technology will have been changed very much. Everybody will have a robot of their own.

I live in a little house in the middle of the forest, but that doesn't matter. When I've to go shopping or something like that, my robot goes shopping for me! I write in my computer what my robot shall buy for me and then my robot will just walk away and buy the things to me! I can also write that my robot shall be tidying up, cook food and everything like that! This means that I can be in the front off my computer the whole day!

I work at a clothing store. I like my job very much, because there are so lovely clothes there, but of course, I've not been there in the real life. I do my job from a screen. When a robot comes in to the shop, I can see the robot from my screen. The owner of the robot can see his or hers robot from a screen and can follow the robot and choose which clothes he or she wants. When the robot has chosen clothes I can approve from my screen. My job is really nice, I can see very nice robots every day and when there's no robot in the shop I'm allowed to do whatever I want. I'm used to look at a movie, read books, play games – everything in front of a screen of course.

I have no partner and no children because now a days you never meet people in the real life. Instead you can “meet” each other on skype and other places on internet. Actually, it was more than five years since I meet someone in the real life. That doesn't matter, I like my life very much. If I want to go out and be in the nature some day, I can look at beautiful nature-pictures at my computer. If I want clean air, I've got a clean air button I can put. So, I like my new life very, very much.


I live in Gothenburg with my wife and my children. I have a guy who is 6 years old and his name is Osama Bin Laden and a girl who is 2 years old and her name Emma. my interests are playing football and sit whit my computer. I like to listen to easy music or anything like that. When I'm 30 then I have good job as a construction engineer. I'll have a big apartment and where I live has many fun and friendly neighbors. My good neighbor named Benjamin and he is 50 years old. In my spare time we drink coffee and play golf together.

// Omar Aldoory

Benjamin´s :D

I will Living abroad, I hope! I will also have a large house that has a huge garden where I have a road racingtrack and lots of other fun. I will have a job as a welding engineer and travel around the world and take job. For example, to go to Norway if they have any aoutoklaver or similar. I will probably be much in the garage and mecka with my bikes ” ktm exe 500” a stunt bike and one that is street legal. I will also be a lot with my friends and my family. I do not know what I will listen to. I differ a bit now I listen to everything that pierre listening to because I think they're cool! I will have one just fine baby called Shan. I am going to feed the whole family with everything you need and a little there to. Shan will get everything he wants.



I am 30 years old and lives in a big house in Spain, I have a very luxurious house. In my house, I have a home cinema, swimming pool, sea views and a very big own go cart track at my backyard where my son August going to learn how to drive when he gets a little older. The new design of the Iphone 11, I have created so it is how I support myself. My interests are motorsport and go carts, of course. I have a wife that I have been married for three years, we have a little boy of 2 years. He is become a professional go cart driver. I listen to hip hop, RnB, and more.

Det var min text piiiiiirrrreee <3<3<3<3


My life when I am 30 years old!

When I am 30 years old I am going to have 2 children's and we are living in a Eco-friendly house. I don't need to pay the bills for my house because I take the heat from the nature. I have speaker in every room that I control with my telephone. So I hear the music in every rum, and that is very nice.


I often listen to different music styles. I listen to classic and both r&b and pop. I listen often to music because I have speakers in every rum and that the sound is almost like a pop concert. I don't go to concert very often because I have the awesome sound in my house.


I live outside Gothenburg. I want to live outside the city just because I don't like to live in centrum because it can be very chaotic. My home can just be outside the city because the house need to have aces to the nature and there isn't so much nature in the city.


My job is to be a accountant that who gets much payed. I did go economy in the school and I continued studying so I could be that successful accountant that I am today. I earn much money because I have a wide education and a good reputation as accountant. Every successful company wants to hire me because I am so good.


My hobby is to play soccer. To be a accountant I am really good at soccer and I think it's so fun to play. My other hobby is to build small model airplanes. I am going to a fair in New York.

When I am 30

When I am 30, I am going to live in a big house with my 2 children, a girl and a boy, and my husband in New York. In my house it will be very big windows, modern furnished and a big television with 52 tums in my living room. A big cinema in my home, that I am going to spend every friday at 8:00 pm.


I will learn my children very much, I want that they going to be a genius both of them and hopefully they will be the sweetest children in the whole world. In the garage of my house I am going to have two Porsches, red and a black car standing there that I will take a good care.

I will support my family through my job and I am going to be a famous singer. I will tour round the world and live with my music. I am going to be a successful singer and love my job. I will listen to all kind of music, like pop, hiphop and r&b but the most of all, my own music.


My hobbies is shopping one day in a week and just take a drive with my red car and see some new adventure round the town. Take a holiday with my family and the best of all, my career like a singer and spend my time with my family.

When I´m 30

I live in Italy with my three children and my football playing husband. My husband and I make our living with to play football in Italy´s football team Milan.

Me and my husband have many interests together like, football, shopping and the biggest one of them is our children. Our children are now seven, five and three years old. We have a Swedish nanny who take care of our children when we play football and travel with our team. We use to visit our family in Sweden under the christmas break.

I have Zlatan Ibrahimovich as my football coach. Sometimes I also have my own training with Ibra. I also work as a cash assistant I like to work with that because I like to meet other people than my familly and my team mates.

when i am 30

When i am 30 ,i am going to work as flight attendant. Because i like to fly and it is a nice work. I will live in New York, in a big house and i will be mirred with a man , he will have a compainy of is own. He will also run a famus hotel and when i am 22 years old i am going to have two kids, they going to be twins. Leo and Loise will be there´s names. I am to adopting a boy from Afrika, his name will be Kevin. My intersts will be being with my man and my kids , meet my friends and take a glass wine sometimes and enyoj the rest of my family. My music going to be R&B. We will have a house in Thailand, close to the beach and close to town too.

My life when I am 30 years old!

When I am 30 years old I hope that I am working with the creation of movies, movie manuscripts and books. Where and how I live depends on where and how I work. I will probably have an apartment somewhere that I often leave. If I work at something like a TV-show or the local TV-news I will probably live close to that local TV-station. Then it is likely that I live in Malmö, Göteborg (Guthenburg) or Stockholm.


It is likely that I will not have so much time for my personal life and family, that also depends on how I am working. If I am freelancing I will move a lot with my job, maybe outside Sweden if I am lucky, and I will not have that much time for my personal life. But if I have a more permanent job I would probably have a more calm life and more time for myself and my family.


I think that my future job is going to take very much of my time, but I do not think I will mind, because I want to work with something I really love to do.


On the other hand, I would not have been bad having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. But getting children is something that does not feel that important too me. I would love my children if I got any, but I would not be totally devastated if I did not get any.


Even though I will have a job that, hopefully, steals a lot of my time, I hope that I will keep in touch with my family. I hope that my sister has married her boyfriend, and that they have children, because that is what she is dreaming about. I hope that my brother is making a carrier in criminology and as a police man because that is what he wants. If you want to make it simply you can just say that I want a happy life, but that is what we all want is it not? We all dream about a happy and successful life.

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