My life when I am 30 years old!

When I am 30 years old I hope that I am working with the creation of movies, movie manuscripts and books. Where and how I live depends on where and how I work. I will probably have an apartment somewhere that I often leave. If I work at something like a TV-show or the local TV-news I will probably live close to that local TV-station. Then it is likely that I live in Malmö, Göteborg (Guthenburg) or Stockholm.


It is likely that I will not have so much time for my personal life and family, that also depends on how I am working. If I am freelancing I will move a lot with my job, maybe outside Sweden if I am lucky, and I will not have that much time for my personal life. But if I have a more permanent job I would probably have a more calm life and more time for myself and my family.


I think that my future job is going to take very much of my time, but I do not think I will mind, because I want to work with something I really love to do.


On the other hand, I would not have been bad having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. But getting children is something that does not feel that important too me. I would love my children if I got any, but I would not be totally devastated if I did not get any.


Even though I will have a job that, hopefully, steals a lot of my time, I hope that I will keep in touch with my family. I hope that my sister has married her boyfriend, and that they have children, because that is what she is dreaming about. I hope that my brother is making a carrier in criminology and as a police man because that is what he wants. If you want to make it simply you can just say that I want a happy life, but that is what we all want is it not? We all dream about a happy and successful life.

Postat av: Lizzie

It sounds like a good life for someone who loves movies!

2012-01-25 @ 13:26:15
Postat av: Viktoria

It sounds like a good life for you. It would be fun to once see a movie in the future that you might have written the script for or is in :)

2012-01-25 @ 23:26:01
Postat av: Sofia

I like your job, I agree you with the thing:

"Work with something I really love to do" and it is true, do what you want to do with your life! :)

2012-01-26 @ 11:21:28

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