When I'm thirty..

I live in Halmstad with my husband and my little son. We live in a flat in the middle of the town, but we are looking for a house outside the city. We want a pretty small house because we are just three persons. We are not having any rush with the move because our son August is just 3 months and we have place in our apartment. But we miss a garden. We have been married in a year. We were married in Nice like is a little town in France. I love Nice and I hope we can go back there another time.


I work on a spa with my best friend Cissi. We build the spa up for 1,5 year ago and we really like our job. We have three employees and they are very good. Now I don't work so much because of my son, but I am visit Cissi and the other sometimes on the spa.


Postat av: Robin

It sounds really nice =)

2012-02-02 @ 09:29:57
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