Ireland is an island on the west side of England. They have very special music as they are famous for. They also have a very special accent and I like it.


Irland is a large island on the western edge of europe.

They have a beer there , that beer it´s really saturating, it´s like one dinner.

They have Irish music there.


I had learn that Ireland has nice places to be. the capital is Dublin, And the land is famous for the movies about lord of the rings.

Ireland - Omar

I learnd many things about Ireland. I read about famous persons in Ireland. One of Ireland's famoust person is Jonathan Swift. Jonathan is very popular Writer, he Write many books. One of his most famous books was Gullivers travels.


That i remeber from Ireland, was the music it was kind of folk music. It was special, it is unusually. I like the way they speak, it sounds good and nice. And it is very nice country. Ireland is also famous for a beer called ginnes. It said that if you drink one ginnes is like have eaten a meal.

My thought about Ireland

I think Irland is a great country even if I don't been there. It seems like a beautiful country. And the people  are talking Irish (the languages) what is different to our language ,(English) but I thinks is nice. It is a lot of witter who came from Ireland and in this time are very famous. The way I like with this country is the park and the tourists like that place.

Thoughts about Ireland

I've learned a lot about Ireland the last weeks. Especially about IRA and the conflict in Ireland, which was very interesting. I knew there was a conflict in Ireland before, but I didn't know why it was a conflict or what had happened. I've also learnt a bit about Ireland's history and the potato blight. We also learnt a bit about how life is in Ireland and in which way it's different compared with how life is here. We listened at many texts and I liked the Irish accent very much, it sounded funnily when they were speaking. I worked in a small group about Ireland's president and I think it was a bit strange that their president wasn't allowed to leave the country as he or she wanted. I think it was interesting to work about Ireland and I learnt a lot.


Ireland - about their language

I think it has been quite fun to work about Ireland, because their country are quite interesting and I did not so much about it before. Something I've learned about Ireland is that there are a lot of people music there. I did know about it before but one thing I did not know was that their signs were in both English and Irish. I did not know that before that just  only the poor people was talking Irish and the rich English, but that was of course a long time ago.

My thoughts about Ireland

I think it was funny to work about Ireland, and one thing I really like about Ireland is the Irish language and the irish accent. The accent is very beautiful, that is at least my opinion.


It do not think it is very important to learn things like the capital and how big the population is. I think it is more important to learn about how a country's culture is, but it is good to knew other things about the country too. I do not actually believe that I have learnt something new about Ireland. I have learned more about the things I already knew though. I learned more about the irish history, especially more about IRA and the great famine. I also learnt more about their beer, their pubs and s:t Patrick's Day.

Minds about Ireland

I remember when we listen to the Irish music. That´s was funny and interesting, I liked to have Ireland as a job project.

Ireland - Biggest Park In Europe

There was one thing i remember of Ireland that maked me freak out a little bit. Ireland has the biggest outside park in Europe and the second biggest park in the world ( Centeral Park in New York is the biggest... ) The park is in Dublin, Irelands capital, and Dublin is also the biggest city on the island.

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