My life when I am 30 years old!

When I am 30 years old I am going to have 2 children's and we are living in a Eco-friendly house. I don't need to pay the bills for my house because I take the heat from the nature. I have speaker in every room that I control with my telephone. So I hear the music in every rum, and that is very nice.


I often listen to different music styles. I listen to classic and both r&b and pop. I listen often to music because I have speakers in every rum and that the sound is almost like a pop concert. I don't go to concert very often because I have the awesome sound in my house.


I live outside Gothenburg. I want to live outside the city just because I don't like to live in centrum because it can be very chaotic. My home can just be outside the city because the house need to have aces to the nature and there isn't so much nature in the city.


My job is to be a accountant that who gets much payed. I did go economy in the school and I continued studying so I could be that successful accountant that I am today. I earn much money because I have a wide education and a good reputation as accountant. Every successful company wants to hire me because I am so good.


My hobby is to play soccer. To be a accountant I am really good at soccer and I think it's so fun to play. My other hobby is to build small model airplanes. I am going to a fair in New York.

Postat av: benjamin

I like this one. Good luck with football: D

2012-01-25 @ 08:33:18
Postat av: pierre

I like the music gabriel! so cool! eco-friendly house very good! good luck with the soccer!

kisses and hugs

2012-01-25 @ 08:37:49
Postat av: Sofia

Wow, this thing with speaker in every room and your phone, it's sound very nice!

2012-01-26 @ 11:15:10

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