My life when I am 30

My name is Kajsa Petronella Bjäräng and I am 30 years old. I live together with my family in a big house near by the city Gothenburg in sweden. I work in Telia store in city and i really love my job. I am trying to get people to buy telephones, and I am kind of the best buissnes woman in the woooooorrllld. Hehehe. Btw, I have one little boy named Conrad. He is now 3 years old and as you can se I am highly prigned and waiting a little baby, I hope it is a girl.


I live in the house I have been dreaming about my whole life. We have a huge garden where the chilrdren can play. I love to be home alone and create music. Sometimes i take tha train into the city and play with my friends at the street. I lissten to all kinds of music. But most old classic music <3 My husband works as a doctor so we have a lot of money. KINDAA AWESUMEE BRAH! That was a little bit of my life right now. Seya later bitches!

Postat av: omar

You have very good life and I think we will meet each other sometime because we live in the same city.

I hope you feel good.


2012-02-01 @ 15:00:06
Postat av: Elin

I really belive you when you say that you are the best buissnes woman in the world :) That job is great for you.

Kissies & hugs <3

2012-02-02 @ 09:03:40

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