when i am 30

When i am 30 ,i am going to work as flight attendant. Because i like to fly and it is a nice work. I will live in New York, in a big house and i will be mirred with a man , he will have a compainy of is own. He will also run a famus hotel and when i am 22 years old i am going to have two kids, they going to be twins. Leo and Loise will be there´s names. I am to adopting a boy from Afrika, his name will be Kevin. My intersts will be being with my man and my kids , meet my friends and take a glass wine sometimes and enyoj the rest of my family. My music going to be R&B. We will have a house in Thailand, close to the beach and close to town too.

Postat av: Pierre

Hi emma, that sounds like a very cool life! I like that you get twins !I hope you swim alot because you live so near the beach :D

Very good text! hugs and kisses Pierre

2012-01-24 @ 22:23:48
Postat av: benjamin

I think it was exciting and fun ;)

2012-01-25 @ 08:28:17
Postat av: Frazze

It sounds greate that you work as a flight attendant It sounds like a lot of funn fly around the world and can I check in on your hotel sometime?

2012-01-27 @ 19:22:20
Postat av: omar

I hope you are married with the man that you love and I hope to see you sometime when I fly to my home country

2012-02-01 @ 15:11:58

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