When I´m 30

I live in Italy with my three children and my football playing husband. My husband and I make our living with to play football in Italy´s football team Milan.

Me and my husband have many interests together like, football, shopping and the biggest one of them is our children. Our children are now seven, five and three years old. We have a Swedish nanny who take care of our children when we play football and travel with our team. We use to visit our family in Sweden under the christmas break.

I have Zlatan Ibrahimovich as my football coach. Sometimes I also have my own training with Ibra. I also work as a cash assistant I like to work with that because I like to meet other people than my familly and my team mates.

Postat av: Robin

I think it is really fun that you're a professional soccer player, and it's so funny that Zlatan is your coach. =)

2012-01-25 @ 13:48:39
URL: http://robinofcourse.blogg.se/
Postat av: Sofia

Live in Italy.. wow, it must be beautiful and just like Robin said: funny that Zlatan is your coach! Funny that you and your family have same intresting.

2012-01-26 @ 11:26:10
Postat av: Elin

Ohh so nice that you live in Italy :) I want to go there sometimes, maybe we can met then?

2012-02-02 @ 09:10:07

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