I had learn that Ireland has nice places to be. the capital is Dublin, And the land is famous for the movies about lord of the rings.

Ireland - about their language

I think it has been quite fun to work about Ireland, because their country are quite interesting and I did not so much about it before. Something I've learned about Ireland is that there are a lot of people music there. I did know about it before but one thing I did not know was that their signs were in both English and Irish. I did not know that before that just  only the poor people was talking Irish and the rich English, but that was of course a long time ago.


I live in Gothenburg with my wife and my children. I have a guy who is 6 years old and his name is Osama Bin Laden and a girl who is 2 years old and her name Emma. my interests are playing football and sit whit my computer. I like to listen to easy music or anything like that. When I'm 30 then I have good job as a construction engineer. I'll have a big apartment and where I live has many fun and friendly neighbors. My good neighbor named Benjamin and he is 50 years old. In my spare time we drink coffee and play golf together.

// Omar Aldoory

Benjamin´s :D

I will Living abroad, I hope! I will also have a large house that has a huge garden where I have a road racingtrack and lots of other fun. I will have a job as a welding engineer and travel around the world and take job. For example, to go to Norway if they have any aoutoklaver or similar. I will probably be much in the garage and mecka with my bikes ” ktm exe 500” a stunt bike and one that is street legal. I will also be a lot with my friends and my family. I do not know what I will listen to. I differ a bit now I listen to everything that pierre listening to because I think they're cool! I will have one just fine baby called Shan. I am going to feed the whole family with everything you need and a little there to. Shan will get everything he wants.


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