Thoughts about Ireland

I've learned a lot about Ireland the last weeks. Especially about IRA and the conflict in Ireland, which was very interesting. I knew there was a conflict in Ireland before, but I didn't know why it was a conflict or what had happened. I've also learnt a bit about Ireland's history and the potato blight. We also learnt a bit about how life is in Ireland and in which way it's different compared with how life is here. We listened at many texts and I liked the Irish accent very much, it sounded funnily when they were speaking. I worked in a small group about Ireland's president and I think it was a bit strange that their president wasn't allowed to leave the country as he or she wanted. I think it was interesting to work about Ireland and I learnt a lot.


The Wave

The Wave is about a school in USA. The history teacher, Mr Ross one day introduces some new rule to the class. The students like the rules and after some days; Mr Ross says they are now a team. He names their team the Wave and they have some words they say to each other when they meet and also an own salute.

Mr Ross saw it as an experiment, but to the class, it's real. They are the Wave. The Wave is spreading steadily over the school and soon almost all the students are members of the Wave. The members start to dislike the people that aren't members. But there are also good things about the Wave – the students feel like a team and the students that were bullied before have got friends.

Mr Ross introduced the Wave to the class because he wanted to show them how it was in Germany during World War II. He wanted to show that it's easy to be a member of something and believe that the gang is doing something good.

Mr Ross and Hitler were both smart people. They started to say some things that sounded good and the people believed them. Hitler and Mr Ross made the people work as a team and humans like to feel they are a part of something. I think the Wave was a very good way to show the class that some Nazis probably were good people. When the Wave has stopped, the class says that they had learned a lot from the Wave. When I read about the Wave, I also learnt it's easier to start something than to stop it. Mr Ross had difficult to stop the Wave even when he had decided that he wanted to do so.

The meaning of life

It's very unlikely that our world exists and that we can live here. The chance for that is so small that it's ridiculous to count with it. Still our world does exist, so I don't think it's an accident that we all exist and I don't think we live just to die. I believe there is a meaning with our existence.

When we live, we want to be happy, but then, the question is: what makes us happy? Researches have showed that money doesn't make people feel happy at all as long as we have the most important things such as food and clothes. Instead, the happiest people are they whose closest relations are good, those who help other, people who are grateful, people who doesn't think to much about the past and the future and people who has a religious belief. Here, I think we maybe can find the meaning with life.

My life when I'm 30

When I am thirty, I think the technology will have been changed very much. Everybody will have a robot of their own.

I live in a little house in the middle of the forest, but that doesn't matter. When I've to go shopping or something like that, my robot goes shopping for me! I write in my computer what my robot shall buy for me and then my robot will just walk away and buy the things to me! I can also write that my robot shall be tidying up, cook food and everything like that! This means that I can be in the front off my computer the whole day!

I work at a clothing store. I like my job very much, because there are so lovely clothes there, but of course, I've not been there in the real life. I do my job from a screen. When a robot comes in to the shop, I can see the robot from my screen. The owner of the robot can see his or hers robot from a screen and can follow the robot and choose which clothes he or she wants. When the robot has chosen clothes I can approve from my screen. My job is really nice, I can see very nice robots every day and when there's no robot in the shop I'm allowed to do whatever I want. I'm used to look at a movie, read books, play games – everything in front of a screen of course.

I have no partner and no children because now a days you never meet people in the real life. Instead you can “meet” each other on skype and other places on internet. Actually, it was more than five years since I meet someone in the real life. That doesn't matter, I like my life very much. If I want to go out and be in the nature some day, I can look at beautiful nature-pictures at my computer. If I want clean air, I've got a clean air button I can put. So, I like my new life very, very much.

Is plastic surgery okay?

I think plastic surgery is okay when you've been in a car crash, fire or something like that. Otherwise, I don't understand why people do it. Because often, the people who is doing plastic surgeries look good from the beginning and I think it's only themselves who thinks they have a big nose or are too fat. I think it's sad that people can't be pleased with themselves and like their looks. And I don't think you'll be happier even though you have a smaller nose. Because when your nose is small, I think that you will think that your lips are too small and when you have bigger lips, you want bigger boobs as well, and all this is very unnecessary, because you will never be perfect. You can always fins something you don't like on your body. It's a problem that people think they must be perfect and it's also a problem if you think that you will be pleased with everything in your life only if you look good. As I said, I think it's okay if you've been in an accident or were born with a deformity. Otherwise, it's very unnecessary to do research in or to waist a physician's time on this.


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