Tell Laura I Love Her - Boppers

Here is my music video. It is done to one of my favorite songs, a cover of the song "Tell Laura I Love Her" with the Boppers. Originally the song is sung by Ray Peterson. The song is written by Jeff Barry and Ben Raleigh and it is about Tommy and Laura who are a young couple.

My thoughts about Ireland

I think it was funny to work about Ireland, and one thing I really like about Ireland is the Irish language and the irish accent. The accent is very beautiful, that is at least my opinion.


It do not think it is very important to learn things like the capital and how big the population is. I think it is more important to learn about how a country's culture is, but it is good to knew other things about the country too. I do not actually believe that I have learnt something new about Ireland. I have learned more about the things I already knew though. I learned more about the irish history, especially more about IRA and the great famine. I also learnt more about their beer, their pubs and s:t Patrick's Day.

I am a coward

The book “The Wave” is based on real events, and it is about the history teacher Mr Ross and his students. Mr Ross wants his students to understand how it was in Germany during World War II. He decides that the best way of learning them that Nazis were people, just as himself and his students, is to turn them into Nazis without telling them what he is doing. He creates a group called “The Wave”. The group has their own salute, a symbol and a motto; “We are all in the same team, winners need discipline”. At first it is not that many members in The Wave but after a while the number of members starts to grow, and some members are taking The Wave very seriously, perhaps to serious? What started as an innocent experiment is going out of hand, will Mr Ross be able to stop it in time?


This book makes you think about how you would have reacted and what you would have done if you had lived during World War II. Many of us want to believe that we would have done something to stop the Nazis, but that is not the case. Many is to afraid, but if all the people that were afraid during World War II had worked together, they would have been stronger, and maybe then they would have dared to try to stop the Nazis.


I seriously do not believe that I would have done anything to stop the Nazis, because I know that I am a real big coward, but at least I admit it. I do not think I would agree with them, since I belong to one of the groups that the Nazis hated, but I would not do anything to stop them from killing people. I would never say my opinions, I would have been to scared. If an SS soldier would have asked me if I was a Nazi I would have answered “yes”, just to save my own skin. All I would do during World War II would be to try to stay alive.

The meaning of life (extended version)

What is the meaning of life? A question that has been very discussed through all time, with no real answer, but I'll try to give you my answer. The meaning of life is, completely biologically seen, to survive. All animals struggles to survive. They eat so they get energy, sleep to save energy, get children so their genes live on and defends their self against attacking animals. The meaning of life is perhaps just that, to survive. Maybe it's that simple, the meaning of life is to survive. Then, the question should rather be, what is the point of surviving?


What's the point of surviving more than just that, to survive? Why do we make any effort at all to survive the day? What is it that makes the next day worth living for? Isn't it just a day, just like this, where we again will struggle to survive until the next day? Why do we not just lie down and let our self die? Refusing to eat, refusing life. What is it that drives us? I think it is fear. The fear of the unknown is deep within us all, and the most unknown thing that exists is death. The fear of dying, is what drives us to continue being alive. We don't know what will happen when we die, the only thing we know is that we won't be alive anymore. Nothing else can we know, we can only speculate. Some people believe strongly that they know what will happen when they die, but that is the thing, believe. They believe, they can't know. Therefore, we choose, every day, to continue living, because we fear what would happen if we wouldn't be alive. It is safer to continue being alive, because then we know at least that the next day, just like yesterday, will be a struggle for our survival.

My life when I am 30 years old!

When I am 30 years old I hope that I am working with the creation of movies, movie manuscripts and books. Where and how I live depends on where and how I work. I will probably have an apartment somewhere that I often leave. If I work at something like a TV-show or the local TV-news I will probably live close to that local TV-station. Then it is likely that I live in Malmö, Göteborg (Guthenburg) or Stockholm.


It is likely that I will not have so much time for my personal life and family, that also depends on how I am working. If I am freelancing I will move a lot with my job, maybe outside Sweden if I am lucky, and I will not have that much time for my personal life. But if I have a more permanent job I would probably have a more calm life and more time for myself and my family.


I think that my future job is going to take very much of my time, but I do not think I will mind, because I want to work with something I really love to do.


On the other hand, I would not have been bad having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. But getting children is something that does not feel that important too me. I would love my children if I got any, but I would not be totally devastated if I did not get any.


Even though I will have a job that, hopefully, steals a lot of my time, I hope that I will keep in touch with my family. I hope that my sister has married her boyfriend, and that they have children, because that is what she is dreaming about. I hope that my brother is making a carrier in criminology and as a police man because that is what he wants. If you want to make it simply you can just say that I want a happy life, but that is what we all want is it not? We all dream about a happy and successful life.

An English Poem by Robin

Here is a poem that I have wrote in English.

It never stops

Sometimes it feels like my heart surely is going to break.

Sometimes it feels like all I have ever had is a heartache.

When will it mended?

When will it be ended?

Will the wounds never heal?

This is not how I want to feel.

I am screaming out loud inside my head

But on the outside it looks like I am dead.

Blogging about plastic surgery

I was thinking about plastic surgery, and if it's good or not. I thought that it was okay to do plastic surgery if you have been in something like a car accident, or in a fire, and your face has got “messed up” because of that, other wise not. But when I watched TV some days ago a saw a guy, I won't mention names of obvious reasons, who had a really strange mouth. His underbite was so big that it sounded strange when he talked, and, I hate to say this but, he looked kind of ugly because of this huge underbite. Then I thought, isn't it okay if he does plastic surgery to? I think if you have some kind of deformation, then it's okay to do plastic surgery. The problem is, what should be counted as a deformation? Is a strange nose, or small boobs a deformation? I don't think so. But this guys mouth isn't just strange, it also makes it harder for him to talk. According to me, if something makes it harder for you to do something, then you can call it a deformation, and then I think it's okay if you do plastic surgery.


I don't think it's good to do plastic surgery, if you look perfectly normal. If you do to many operations, you actually starts to look ugly. You don't even have to do many to look ugly, sometimes you look ugly, and really fake, after the first surgery. I also think that if you do a plastic surgery, you may get addicted to it, and just do more and more. If you do a plastic surgery, it can also change your appearance totally, and people you haven't met for a long while may not recognize you.

Michael Jackson's appearance is very changed after several operations.


I once saw a documentary about people who did boob jobs, BIG boob jobs. The guy that did the documentary found out that mostly it was their boyfriend that had told the girl that had done the operation, that he liked big breasts, and in that way, indirectly he had told her to get bigger boobs. It's not always your own decision, sometimes it's people around that makes you wanna do a boob job, or any other plastic surgery, not yourself, even though you think so.


Sheyla Hershey, the biggest boobs in the world. Do I have to tell you they're fake?

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