Minds about Ireland

I remember when we listen to the Irish music. That´s was funny and interesting, I liked to have Ireland as a job project.

The Wave

I think that The Wave was okay at first, it was a "game", But over time they became too serious and not okay. No one can feel good to have souch as much control over peopels. When you have so much control its very easy that something go wrong. I like the text and the movie, its was instructive.


I am 30 years old and lives in a big house in Spain, I have a very luxurious house. In my house, I have a home cinema, swimming pool, sea views and a very big own go cart track at my backyard where my son August going to learn how to drive when he gets a little older. The new design of the Iphone 11, I have created so it is how I support myself. My interests are motorsport and go carts, of course. I have a wife that I have been married for three years, we have a little boy of 2 years. He is become a professional go cart driver. I listen to hip hop, RnB, and more.

Det var min text piiiiiirrrreee <3<3<3<3


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