My thought about Ireland

I think Irland is a great country even if I don't been there. It seems like a beautiful country. And the people  are talking Irish (the languages) what is different to our language ,(English) but I thinks is nice. It is a lot of witter who came from Ireland and in this time are very famous. The way I like with this country is the park and the tourists like that place.

The Meaning of life

The meaning of life, it is to be happy as long as you can. We need to take our day like the last day you live. You have to be happy and feel that you are glad because you have a life, like everybody in this world. You have a good life and just enjoy every second when it past. Try to take your chances and take your step by step., but don't forget to be happy for every second. Everybody has a dream and the dream is what you want to do with the rest of your life, so...follow your heart and don't think to much, it is to hard sometimes.

When I am 30

When I am 30, I am going to live in a big house with my 2 children, a girl and a boy, and my husband in New York. In my house it will be very big windows, modern furnished and a big television with 52 tums in my living room. A big cinema in my home, that I am going to spend every friday at 8:00 pm.


I will learn my children very much, I want that they going to be a genius both of them and hopefully they will be the sweetest children in the whole world. In the garage of my house I am going to have two Porsches, red and a black car standing there that I will take a good care.

I will support my family through my job and I am going to be a famous singer. I will tour round the world and live with my music. I am going to be a successful singer and love my job. I will listen to all kind of music, like pop, hiphop and r&b but the most of all, my own music.


My hobbies is shopping one day in a week and just take a drive with my red car and see some new adventure round the town. Take a holiday with my family and the best of all, my career like a singer and spend my time with my family.

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