The meaning of life

It's very unlikely that our world exists and that we can live here. The chance for that is so small that it's ridiculous to count with it. Still our world does exist, so I don't think it's an accident that we all exist and I don't think we live just to die. I believe there is a meaning with our existence.

When we live, we want to be happy, but then, the question is: what makes us happy? Researches have showed that money doesn't make people feel happy at all as long as we have the most important things such as food and clothes. Instead, the happiest people are they whose closest relations are good, those who help other, people who are grateful, people who doesn't think to much about the past and the future and people who has a religious belief. Here, I think we maybe can find the meaning with life.

Postat av: Robin

I only have one word; awesome. I really liked your thoughts.

2012-02-02 @ 09:28:17

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