I live in Gothenburg with my wife and my children. I have a guy who is 6 years old and his name is Osama Bin Laden and a girl who is 2 years old and her name Emma. my interests are playing football and sit whit my computer. I like to listen to easy music or anything like that. When I'm 30 then I have good job as a construction engineer. I'll have a big apartment and where I live has many fun and friendly neighbors. My good neighbor named Benjamin and he is 50 years old. In my spare time we drink coffee and play golf together.

// Omar Aldoory

Postat av: Lovisa

So fun with funny and friendly neighbors. I think that is an importen thing to have if you want to live at a nice place.

2012-01-25 @ 16:14:47
Postat av: Gabbe

You have a really nice job. I hope that your apartment is big, because Omar should have the best.

2012-01-25 @ 17:23:30
Postat av: Frazze

That sounds funny taht you have a nice neighbors and that you have 2 kids and a wife.

2012-01-27 @ 19:10:16

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