The meaning of life (extended version)

What is the meaning of life? A question that has been very discussed through all time, with no real answer, but I'll try to give you my answer. The meaning of life is, completely biologically seen, to survive. All animals struggles to survive. They eat so they get energy, sleep to save energy, get children so their genes live on and defends their self against attacking animals. The meaning of life is perhaps just that, to survive. Maybe it's that simple, the meaning of life is to survive. Then, the question should rather be, what is the point of surviving?


What's the point of surviving more than just that, to survive? Why do we make any effort at all to survive the day? What is it that makes the next day worth living for? Isn't it just a day, just like this, where we again will struggle to survive until the next day? Why do we not just lie down and let our self die? Refusing to eat, refusing life. What is it that drives us? I think it is fear. The fear of the unknown is deep within us all, and the most unknown thing that exists is death. The fear of dying, is what drives us to continue being alive. We don't know what will happen when we die, the only thing we know is that we won't be alive anymore. Nothing else can we know, we can only speculate. Some people believe strongly that they know what will happen when they die, but that is the thing, believe. They believe, they can't know. Therefore, we choose, every day, to continue living, because we fear what would happen if we wouldn't be alive. It is safer to continue being alive, because then we know at least that the next day, just like yesterday, will be a struggle for our survival.


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