I am a coward

The book “The Wave” is based on real events, and it is about the history teacher Mr Ross and his students. Mr Ross wants his students to understand how it was in Germany during World War II. He decides that the best way of learning them that Nazis were people, just as himself and his students, is to turn them into Nazis without telling them what he is doing. He creates a group called “The Wave”. The group has their own salute, a symbol and a motto; “We are all in the same team, winners need discipline”. At first it is not that many members in The Wave but after a while the number of members starts to grow, and some members are taking The Wave very seriously, perhaps to serious? What started as an innocent experiment is going out of hand, will Mr Ross be able to stop it in time?


This book makes you think about how you would have reacted and what you would have done if you had lived during World War II. Many of us want to believe that we would have done something to stop the Nazis, but that is not the case. Many is to afraid, but if all the people that were afraid during World War II had worked together, they would have been stronger, and maybe then they would have dared to try to stop the Nazis.


I seriously do not believe that I would have done anything to stop the Nazis, because I know that I am a real big coward, but at least I admit it. I do not think I would agree with them, since I belong to one of the groups that the Nazis hated, but I would not do anything to stop them from killing people. I would never say my opinions, I would have been to scared. If an SS soldier would have asked me if I was a Nazi I would have answered “yes”, just to save my own skin. All I would do during World War II would be to try to stay alive.


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