The Wave

The Wave is about a school in USA. The history teacher, Mr Ross one day introduces some new rule to the class. The students like the rules and after some days; Mr Ross says they are now a team. He names their team the Wave and they have some words they say to each other when they meet and also an own salute.

Mr Ross saw it as an experiment, but to the class, it's real. They are the Wave. The Wave is spreading steadily over the school and soon almost all the students are members of the Wave. The members start to dislike the people that aren't members. But there are also good things about the Wave – the students feel like a team and the students that were bullied before have got friends.

Mr Ross introduced the Wave to the class because he wanted to show them how it was in Germany during World War II. He wanted to show that it's easy to be a member of something and believe that the gang is doing something good.

Mr Ross and Hitler were both smart people. They started to say some things that sounded good and the people believed them. Hitler and Mr Ross made the people work as a team and humans like to feel they are a part of something. I think the Wave was a very good way to show the class that some Nazis probably were good people. When the Wave has stopped, the class says that they had learned a lot from the Wave. When I read about the Wave, I also learnt it's easier to start something than to stop it. Mr Ross had difficult to stop the Wave even when he had decided that he wanted to do so.

Postat av: Robin of course

Really good thoughts, you are right, things like The Wave is easier to start than to stop.

2012-03-14 @ 15:37:02

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